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* [[https://www.msn.com/en-in/autos/photos/these-languages-were-invented-from-scratch/ss-AARtly1|These Languages were Invented from Scratch]] From MSN. Mentions [[Lingua Ignota]], [[Solresol]], [[Esperanto]], [[Interlingua]], [[Va Ehenív]], [[Toki Pona]], [[Ancient Language]], [[Huttese]], [[R'lyehian]], [[Cityspeak]], [[Klingon]], [[Dothraki]], [[Lang Belta]], [[Na'vi]], [[Lapine]], [[Dovazhul]], [[Alienese]], [[Lojban]], [[Láadan]] and [[Sindarin]]
* [[https://stephenescher.blog/category/conlanging/conlang-reviews/|Conlang Reviews]] from Stephen Escher's blog. Reviews of [[Klingon]], [[Oqolaawak]], [[Mondir]] and [[Lortho]]
* [[https://gliese1337.blogspot.com/2022/03/some-thoughts-on-machi-languages.html|Some Thoughts on Machi Languages]] from Logan Kearsley's blog. Review of [[Machi]] and [[Bogomol]]

Articles about conlangs

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